Frogmask: the best gift for cyclists on Valentine’s Day

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Homme offrant un cadeau de la Saint valentin à sa femme cycliste

Every year it’s the same stress that comes back a few days before February 14th. What original, useful, affordable gift should you find for your other half? If he or she uses his or her bike regularly and is probably already equipped with safety accessories such as a helmet and gloves or rain gear… It’s a headache! Have you thought about a bicycle anti-pollution mask like those offered by the French brand Frogmask ? It’s the best gift for cyclists on Valentine’s Day.

A bike pollution mask to protect your health

What better message than to give your loved one the accessory that will help protect his or her airways from airborne pollution to stay healthy for as long as possible?

Air pollution kills thousands of people every year. Some studies report over 40,000 cases per year in France alone. It is therefore essential to protect the lungs from pollution particles (dust, exhaust gases, etc.). This is even more true for cyclists and motorcyclists, who inhale the most pollutants on the road in the middle of traffic.

The bike mask is also very useful for protection against pollen

Pollen is a real nightmare at the end of winter for those who are sensitive or even allergic to it. The ordeal will last 6 months until the end of the summer. A respiratory mask with a FFP2 standard (minimum filtration of 94% of airborne particles down to 0.4µm) will filter out all pollen particles, the finest of which are no larger than 2µm.

Anti-pollution mask but also anti-cold mask

With speed, the cold is even more pungent and it’s not very pleasant when you ride. I see many Parisian cyclists wearing a scarf over their face. Some of them even think that this accessory also filters pollution particles, at least the bigger ones. They are wrong of course, because a pollution particle is invisible to the naked eye, so it passes through any kind of textile.

If you are lucky enough to go to the mountains this winter, your Frogmask anti-pollution mask will be very useful because it protects you perfectly from the cold and water, especially when it snows, thanks to its water-repellent 3D Mesh material. In addition, it will protect you from pollution because even if it may seem very surprising, it is in the mountains in winter that pollution is the most important. This is called “thermal inversion” : an atmospheric phenomenon in which a layer of warm air covers a layer of cold air, creating a “lid” that prevents the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere (the pollutants are then trapped on the ground as if they were “under a bell”)

Skier wearing a donated cycling mask for Valentine's Day
blue Frogmask mask

An anti-pollution mask also protects against dust when DIY

DIY is another possible side use for your Valentine’s Day cycling mask. The FFP2 filter will filter out coarse dust when sanding walls or sawing wood. You can also use it for tidying up or clearing out a dusty cellar or attic.

A useful and cheap gift for Valentine’s Day

If you don’t want to spend too much on your Valentine’s Day gift, a Frogmask anti-pollution mask will cost you no more than 39 euros. It comes with a one year warranty, a FFP2 filter and a life span of between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the frequency of use and the level of pollution. The average of other mask brands on the market varies between 40 and 130 euros.
The box of 10 filters costs 28 euros for a protection of at least 6 months.

Some very useful features of Frogmask for a cyclist

The brand has really been designed for cyclists and bikers.
The repositionable fastening system behind the neck makes it possible to adjust the mask to your face so that a maximum of inspired air passes through the filters rather than the sides. It also ensures that the mask does not interfere with the wearing of a helmet and does not exert pressure behind the ears.

The double noseband (one on the FFP2 filter and the other on the mask at the nose bridge) limits the rise of hot exhaled air along the nose and therefore the creation of fogging on the glasses for those who wear them.

The mask is ultra-light and highly breathable so that it can be used in all circumstances and if necessary for hours on end.

Available in 3 sizes and 5 colours, there is something to match your mask to your outfit of the day, as you may well want to protect yourself from air pollution and still look good.

There are so many possible uses for this useful and inexpensive gift to give to a cyclist for Valentine’s Day! All you have to do is place your order on the website

Cycliste portant un masque Frogmask