Do anti-pollution bike masks provide effective protection ?

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Cyclist with a bike mask

Cycling is one of the most popular activities in the world. Some ride their bike for leisure or to get to the office. For others, bicycle is a work tool. To combat the dangers of two-wheeled traffic, helmets were made compulsory for children (and also for adults in some countries) and are strongly recommended for adults. Reflective waistcoats, gloves and anti-pollution bike masks are also essential accessories to protect 2 wheelers. Do an anti-pollution bike masks provide effective protection?

Anti-pollution bike masks for couriers and deliverers

The Official Prevention Health and Safety at Work website has established the risks incurred by delivery drivers. As you yourself know, as a driver in an urban environment, you have to deal with exhaust fumes over a long period of time. As L’Officiel Prévention points out, air pollution is responsible for several problems such as eye and throat irritations, headaches and respiratory diseases (asthma, rhinitis). Unfortunately, the risks of lung cancer are very real for delivery workers.

Photo coursier avec masque Frogmask
French courier wearing a Frogmask

Exposure to the fine particles released by cars is all the more dangerous when effort is made. Indeed, the harder and more constant the effort, the more we breathe and thus absorb the surrounding air and the pollutants it contains. In France, atmospheric pollution, particularly fine particles, is said to cost the lives of nearly 40,000 people… A figure that leads us to consider the importance of protecting ourselves with a bicycle pollution bike mask.

Frogmask anti-pollution bike masks are really made for cyclists. With an ultra-breathable 3D Mesh outer shell and a FFP2/N95 filter (94% filtration of inspired air up to 0,4µm airborn particules), their usefulness and effectiveness is quickly perceived.

Anti-pollution bike masks for bike commuters

Bike commuting was already popular long before the Covid-19 appeared, but the latter has really made the practice explode ! Those who do not want to take public transport, which is too confining and even too polluted, who want to exercise, act to protect the environment and save time are now opting for cycling or other non-polluting means of transport.
Although they generally think about their physical protection by equipping themselves with a helmet, gloves and reflective clothing, cyclists still too often forget to wear anti-pollution bike masks to filter out airborne particles (industrial dust, pollen, brake pad dust, exhaust gases, etc.). It has to be said that this danger is quite invisible, so we think less about it. It’s a pity, because everyone who tries a mask recognises that they feel the benefit from the very first journey. You only have to look at the outside colour of a filter after 2 to 3 weeks to realise that this pollution has not entered your body.
Another important advantage of wearing a protective face mask when cycling, even in the countryside, is the protection against the cold in winter and against insects and pollen in spring.

Biker commuter wearing a Frogmask bike blue mask
Bike commuter with a Frogmask

Bicycle masks for children are important too !

Children are also cycling more and more, whether on their own bike or on a cargo or longtail bike driven by their parents. The same can be said of their equipment. They are generally well protected with a helmet, gloves and even a complete knee and elbow protection kit. A reflective yellow waistcoat will make it easier for motorists to spot them. It’s perfect, they are visible and if they fall, they won’t get hurt. On the other hand, there is still a very rarely used protection that should not be forgotten… The anti-pollution bike mask !

The damage of pollution on children is of great concern.

UNICEF has pointed to the consequences of pollution on the brain development of children under one year old.

Athma+lung UK website also warns of the adverse effects of fine particles on the health of the youngest children and more specifically on their cognitive development. Their experiment found a strong link between exposure to fine particles and a slowing of memory development.

Very few anti-pollution masks are available in children’s sizes, so the American brand Vogmask offers coloured, designer anti-pollution masks to protect your child from fine particles down to 0.4 microns.

This way, your pretty little ones will not only be protected from the dangers of pollution but also from the various allergens (pollen, dust, etc.) present in the atmosphere.

masque vélo vogmask pour enfant

Therefore, dear parents, in order to take good care of your children when cycling, don’t forget to put on a bike mask adapted to their face.

Protect yourself and your kids !

Biker wearing an antipollution mask