Motorcycle pollution masks, motorcyclists late to the party !

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motard avec masque antipollution moto

Are you exposed to air pollution on your motorbike ?

As a motorcyclist you ride in the middle of traffic, the place where air pollution is most concentrated. Motorcyclists are most exposed to fine particles in the traffic flow, but most admit that they do not feel it. Indeed, the pollution is less noticeable at higher speeds, but it is still there. This is why very few motorcyclists wear anti-pollution masks compared to cyclists.

Many 2wheelers wear a scarf or bonnet thinking that they have a minimum of filtration but they don’t. A cold barrier or insect protection at best!

All motorcyclists have experienced the unpleasant sensation of having a sore throat after a long motorbike ride, especially when riding in traffic jams. This is the effect of dust and other airborne particles entering the respiratory system.

Air quality is improving but not fast enough !

Large cities propose various solutions to remedy the increase in fine particles that pollute the daily lives of their inhabitants:

  • Reduction of the maximum speed limit
  • Limited traffic for heavy goods vehicles in urban areas
  • Alternating traffic on peak pollution days
  • Free residential parking and public transport
  • Construction of cycle lanes
  • Development of free-floating bicycles

As a result, reductions in nitrogen dioxide and PM10 concentrations have been observed, but motorcyclists are still very exposed. Anti-pollution masks specially designed for users who are most vulnerable to pollution remain the only alternative.

Are motorcycle pollution masks efficient ?

Frogmask offers motorbike masks for 2-wheelers. The mask incorporates a removable FFP2 microparticle filter with a life span of 15 days to 3 weeks depending on the level of pollution and the frequency of use. This 5-layer filter filters out 94% of fine airborne particles down to 0.4 microns.

Frogmask motorcycle masks are compatible with jet and modular helmets, but unfortunately not with full face helmets which drop the mask when put on. No brand of mask allows them to be worn with this type of helmet.

They also have the advantage of keeping you warm in winter, protecting you from rain thanks to their water-repellent material and protecting you from pollen in spring.

They are therefore an excellent protection for motorcyclists and other 2-wheelers.

Link to Frogmask motorcyclist pollution masks website