Do bikers have to wear a pollution mask when riding their motorbike ?

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Stuck in a car in traffic, who hasn’t envied the motorcyclist that passes everyone else? And yet, he is subjected to an aggression that we do not necessarily imagine at first sight… air pollution! Trafic is where fine particules are the most concentrated. Should bikers wear a motorbike pollution mask when riding?

What are the health hazards of pollution?

The harmful effects of pollution on health have been proven. There is a real link between air pollution and health problems: respiratory diseases, neurological problems, cancers… even mental health !

According to a study published by Santé Publique France ( a state health agency) in 2016, pollution is responsible for a two-year loss of life expectancy for people living in the most polluted cities. Even more alarming figures… Fine particle pollution is responsible for 48,000 deaths per year in France.

Governments are testing new ways to reduce pollution in our cities – alternating traffic, speed limits, bans on heavy goods vehicles, availability of bicycles – but the results are slow in coming. While for some people it is possible to travel by public transport, for others it is impossible to do so without their car or bike. While it is undeniable that motorbikes can save time on journeys, safety and protection must not be neglected!

Bikers: mask up !

Indeed, faced with this problem, two-wheelers are the most vulnerable! Although they protect themselves against possible falls or accidents – helmet, overalls, boots, etc. – they do not often think of wearing a motorbike pollution mask. They usually say that they do not feel it with speed.

And yet, they are the ones who are on the front line of the exhaust fumes and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2). A full-face helmet, despite the visor, does not protect against the fine particles that get inside! Let’s not talk about jet helmets where the driver gets all the pollution in the face. Two-wheeler drivers should leave nothing to chance and wear a motorcycle pollution mask, which also has the advantage in winter of providing good protection from the cold and in spring from the ever annoying pollen and bugs.

Masks compatible with almost all helmets !

While most brands are compatible with all types of jet and modular helmets, none of them allow you to wear a full face helmet. When you put the helmet on, the mask will come down and will unfortunately not stay in place.

biker with blue Frogmask and yellow helmet

To each his own style, to each his own motorbike pollution mask

Frogmask face masks offers ultra-breathable, washable masks with removable FFP2 filters, to be changed every 15 days to 3 weeks on average (according to pollution level and use frequency), which filter 94% of fine particles down to 0.4 microns.

The mask protects not only against pollution but also against pollen and other allergens in the air! And in winter, it keeps you warm and protects you from the rain thanks to its water-repellent 3D Mesh cover. This only for 39€ !

Ride masked, ride safely!

biker with frogmask