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Buying an air pollution mask online is a quick and convenient way to protect your health from pollution particles or pollen when cycling around town. Most cycle shops don’t carry them. They are not comfortable with these health-related devices, about which cyclists usually have many questions and they have very few answers. To find the right model for you, it is important to consider several criteria such as: filtration level, comfort, breathability and size.

To make your search easier, our site proposed bicycle air pollution masks from the Frogmask brand . Our selection includes models for adults only, suitable for all needs. With our advanced search tool, you can easily find the mask that meets your requirements in terms of filtration, comfort and size.

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Choosing the right level of filtration

Choosing the right level of filtration for a cycling mask is crucial to ensure optimum protection against fine particles and other airborne pollutants. There are three filtration standards for bicycle masks:

  • FFP1 masks: filter at least 80% of particles down to 0.4 microns
  • FFP2 masks: filter at least 94% of particles up to 0.4 microns (equivalent to a N95 mask)
  • FFP3 masks: filter at least 99% of particles down to 0.4 microns (equivalent to a N99 mask)

Frogmask masks are equipped with 5-layers FFP2 filters as breathing is more difficult with FFP3 filters.

The different layers of a FFP2 Frogmask filter

All bicycle masks on the market should indicate the level of filtration but this is not always the case. The same applies to the CE marking.

It is important to bear in mind that even FFP3 filtration does not guarantee 100% protection against all fine particles. Cycling pollution masks should not be seen as a miracle solution, but as an additional measure to reduce exposure to air pollution while cycling.

The level of filtration should not be the only criterion for choosing a cycling mask. Other factors such as comfort, breathability and fit should also be taken into account. It is therefore recommended to choose a mask that offers a good balance between protection and comfort.

Considering mask comfort

If you wear your mask on a bike for long periods of time, you really need to consider comfort, otherwise you won’t want to wear it anymore.

With a weight of 25 to 32g depending on the size, Frogmask masks are ultra light. A FFP2 filter weighs 4g only. The material used for the mask is 3D Mesh, which is ultra breathable, waterproof and waterproof. Your skin will not get wet in case of rain. Note that the mask is hand or machine washable up to 60°. The filters are not washable and must be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the frequency of use and the level of air pollution. Very often the filter will become dirty faster (due to contact with the skin) than it will be full.

The fastening system should not interfere with the wearing of a helmet (strongly recommended but not mandatory), which is why Frogmask masks are adjusted with a repositionable band at the neck. Two elastic fabric straps go around the ears to prevent the mask from falling off. They do not exert any pressure on the ears.

Frogmask bicycle anti-pollution mask attachment system

It is best to avoid masks with a slanted repositionable band on the top of the head, as this will interfere with a helmet in the long run.

Paying attention to your mask’s breathability

Beware of shortness of breath, especially when cycling. Your mask should be sufficiently breathable so as not to impede your breathing.

A feeling of shortness of breath or suffocation when wearing a cycling mask can lead to fears of a lack of oxygenation. Experts are keen to reassure you that this danger is very limited and easy to prevent. Nevertheless, it is better to choose a mask in which breathing is easy.

Eyeglass wearers will be sensitive to fogging. Frogmask is designed with two flexible aluminium nosebands, one on the mask and one on the filter. This double barrier prevents warm exhaled air from moving up the nose and fogging the goggles.

Finally, the shape of the mask is specially designed to leave sufficient space between the filter and the mouth. Wearing a mask can protect you from the cold in winter. On the other hand, many brands are unpleasant in summer because of the condensation that is created inside. This is not the case with ours.

Buying the right size mask is essential

The Frogmask itself does not filter anything, it is a support for the filter. It allows the filter to be pressed against the face and ensures a perfect seal with the skin. It is important to prevent inspired air from passing through the sides without being filtered, otherwise the device will be ineffective. As a result, bearded men with a full beard will not have the best filtration. Sorry guys!

That’s why Frogmask offers 3 different sizes (M, L and XL) so that everyone can find the right size for their face shape.

  • Size M for women only. The neck size will be too small even for men with a small build
  • Size L for women and men < 1m80 and 80Kg
  • Size XL for women and men > 1m80 and 80Kg
Frogmask size guide

It is best to avoid masks that come in one size. Smaller faces will have to squeeze them too tightly, which can be uncomfortable.

Different colours to match your style

We all agree that a mask is not the sexiest thing in the world. So we’ve tried to make something as pretty (or as unpretty?) as possible.

With 5 colours available: navy blue, black, orange, black & white and burgundy, you can match your mask to the colour of your clothes. You can protect your respiratory tract from air pollution and still look good, right?

Range of five Frogmask air pollution masks

The speed of the Frogmask delivery

Order your Frogmask online and receive it in a bubble envelope in your mailbox within 3 to 5 days. Orders placed before 5pm are posted the same day Monday to Friday.

Our online shop is completely secure for payments by any credit card, ApplePay or Paypal via a SSL certificate. We guarantee the protection of your personal data. The site does not store any payment data. They remain with our financial partner Shopifypay, which has the best security guarantees in banking.

Frogmask’s after sales service is our pride!

The customer reviews are unanimous, you can check it at the bottom of the site. We are not Amazon, we are better than them !

Contactable 7 days a week for any questions

Do not hesitate to contact me at for any questions or requests. I respond within a few hours every day of the week from Monday morning to Sunday evening. Please avoid nights, as I sometimes sleep in a little.

Fast size change

It is possible to get the wrong size because some morphologies straddle two possible sizes. No problem, just send the mask back to the sender’s address on the envelope with your name and the desired size.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Easy refunds

Some people and especially some face shapes are unfortunately incompatible with the shape of our products. It is fortunately very rare but it happens.

In this case, no problem, your order will be refunded, via Paypal or your payment card, upon receipt at the sender’s address on the envelope. This shipment is at your expense.

By choosing to buy your bicycle breathing mask on our website, you benefit from an ultra-fast, quality service and our great experience in selling breathing masks for cyclists since 2015. Our team is on hand to answer all your questions every day of the week and help you choose the mask that best suits your needs.

Buying a bicycle breathing mask online safely from our Frogmask shop is the perfect choice. Order now and enjoy a fast delivery.

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