How to avoid fogging up glasses with a pollution mask ?

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Wearing a mask with glasses is not always pleasant. Why not? Because as soon as you breathe, the lenses fog up! You can’t see anything and you have to wipe them off constantly by putting your hands to your face, which is not recommended in relation to barrier gestures or while riding. Some people put the mask under their nose, but it loses all its effectiveness. Let’s see how to avoid fogging up glasses with a pollution mask.

How do glasses fog up?

When you breathe out, the warm, moist air rises up your nose and creates condensation on the cooler lenses. This is when fogging occurs. This phenomenon also occurs in winter when you move from a cold place to a warm place or in summer from outside to a highly air-conditioned room. In both cases, this considerably blurs vision and is even more dangerous when cycling.

The hospital plaster technique

To reduce the airflow at the top of the mask, many healthcare professionals tape the top of the mask around the bridge of the nose.

Use liquid soap, dishwashing liquid or shaving foam

This technique is well known to divers. Apply some product to the glasses with your fingers and then wipe with a soft cloth or tissue. The fog appears and disappears immediately! The soap deposits a thin film that prevents the fog from settling.

There are also more expensive anti-fog sprays on the market.

A perfect seal with the face remains the best weapon

The more the mask is in contact with the face and therefore airtight, the less air will flow up the nose. It will then exit through the mask wall, provided the fabric is sufficiently breathable of course.

A soft aluminium noseband sewn into the edge of the mask at the bridge of the nose will seal the mask on both sides of the nose, but this is usually not enough.

Adjusting the elastic band to the correct tension also helps the mask to fit the face better, but many masks are not adjustable.

Frogmask has been designed to ensure an optimal seal and to avoid fogging up glasses.

  • The fabric used for the mask structure is ultra-breathable 3D Mesh
  • Each mask has a flexible aluminium noseband sewn into the edge of the mask
  • Each filter is also fitted with this same noseband, which provides a double barrier at the most sensitive point for leaks. Exhaled air tends to flow up the nose.
  • Their attachment system behind the neck can be readjusted at will, so the mask fits perfectly to the shape of the face.
  • 3 sizes (M, L and XL) allow you to choose the mask that best suits your face type.

That’s why you won’t fog up when you breathe through a Frogmask while wearing glasses.

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