Are bikers and cyclists impacted by air pollution ?

Posted on , by Gregoire
Cyclist with a pollution mask

Are you exposed to pollution when you cycle or ride your motorbike?

Whether you are a cyclist or a motorcyclist, your daily life on two wheels leads you to ride in the road traffic, the place where air pollution is most concentrated.

It is in the traffic flow that cyclists and motorcyclists are most exposed to fine particles and pollution peaks vary greatly depending on the traffic.

So what are the anti-pollution alternatives for two-wheelers?

Large cities offer various solutions to remedy the increase in fine particles that pollute the daily lives of their inhabitants.

  • Reduction of the maximum speed limit
  • Limited traffic for heavy goods vehicles in urban areas
  • Alternating traffic on days of pollution peaks and free residential parking and public transport
  • Construction of bicycle lanes
  • Development of free-floating bicycles.

As a result, reductions in nitrogen dioxide and PM10 concentrations have been observed, but motorcyclists and cyclists are still the most exposed. Nowadays, anti-pollution masks, specially designed for the most vulnerable users, remain an essential alternative.

The advantages of pollution masks

Frogmask offers a complete range of masks for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. The mask incorporates a removable KN95 (FFP2) filter with a life span of 15 days to 3 weeks depending on the level of pollution. This filter with 5 layers, one of which is activated carbon, filters out 95% of fine airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

Frogmask pour se protéger de la mauvaise qualité de l'air

Frogmask masks have another strong point, their structure in 3D Mesh is ultra-breathable, so very little condensation is created inside the mask, which makes it possible to wear it for hours without suffocating.