Is sport practice at risk during a pollution peak ?

Posted on , by Gregoire
Sport et pic de pollution

Remember the pollution peaks that hit Paris and the wider Paris region a few months ago. Very often a shadow of fine particles hangs over a good part large cities all over the world. Is sport practice secured during a pollution peak?

According to AIRPARIF (Paris air control institute), the deterioration in air quality in sectors on the outskirts of the pedestrian zone is reflected in pollution levels that are 5% to 15% higher, depending on the location, than in 2015. Above all, AIRPARIF points out, the impact is greater “during the morning rush hour, almost continuously from the town hall, and on more roads, mainly north of the Seine “.

Can exposure to fine particles handicap sports enthusiasts?

As the Italian proverb says “Chi va piano, va sano e lontano”. By reducing the intensity of your sessions, you expose yourself less to air pollution, by breathing less quickly. You can also adapt your itinerary to areas where car traffic is lower (Greenways and Ravel). For the most motivated sportsmen and women, you can do your sessions during the hours when the air pollution is lowest, between 5.30 and 7.30.

For sports enthusiasts in the capital, protect yourself with our Frogmask breathing masks. You won’t be able to keep up with the pace because the ventilation won’t be sufficient unless you’re looking to strenghen your ribcage. 

If you run regularly, we recommend you use our anti-pollution mask for running, it will be your best ally to protect you from fine particles. For your bike or motorbike trips in the city it is also recommended, especially during rush hour.

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