What Christmas gift for cyclists ?

Posted on , by Gregoire

Christmas is fast approaching and like every year, the headache returns. Everyone is looking for the smart, original but also useful and affordable christmas gift that will please the person who receives it. When that person is a cyclist, it can become even more complicated because all the quality accessories are quite expensive. So the question is what is the cool and usefull Christmas gift for cyclists ?

A bicycle pollution mask is a useful christmas gift for cyclists

Bicycle pollution masks are not compulsory accessories, just like bicycle helmets (for those over 12 years old) or gloves, but they are strongly recommended for urban travel. It is indeed in the middle of traffic that fine particle pollution is most concentrated, as they are so small that they penetrate the respiratory tract. Cyclists are therefore very exposed to pollution in the city.

A pollution mask protects the bronchi and lungs from dust and other particles suspended in the air of large urban areas. In winter this accessory protects from the cold, in spring and summer it protects from pollen. It is therefore the ideal gift to wear every day of the year for bike cummuting.

Why offering a bicycle pollution mask as christmas gift ?

For the 7 years I’ve been selling respiratory protection masks for cycling, I’ve met many cyclists and bikers who systematically tell me that they only think of buying them on days when pollution peaks. This is obviously too late every time and relatively stupid considering that pollution is present every day of the year and anywhere in France. That’s why giving a bicycle mask as a gift will really please the person who receives it and he or she will thank you by thinking of you every day he or she wears it.

Which bicycle pollution mask to choose as a gift for cyclists ?

It is strongly recommended that you buy a quality mask with FFP2 filters that filter out at least 94% of particles down to 0.4µm. The other important point when choosing a mask is that it should be adapted to the volume and shape of the face. It is therefore important to choose brands that offer different sizes. This is the only way to ensure that the mask fits snugly around the face and that 100% of the inhaled air passes through the filters and not the sides.

The Frogmask pollution bicycle masks meet all these criteria. In addition they are handmade in France in the suburbs of Lyon. Their ultra-breathable and water-repellent 3D Mesh material allows for easy breathing even when riding a classic bike and unbeatable protection against the rain. Their velcro fastening system behind the neck allows you to choose the level of tightening without pulling on the ears. It is very comfortable even for those who wear a helmet.

With their two aluminium nosebands (one on the filter and one on the mask), the hot air exhaled does not flow up the nose and therefore does not fog the glasses.

Frogmask bicycle pollution mask is a nice christmas gift for cyclists

If your loved one already has a bicycle mask, then perhaps a good gift idea is to give them one in a different colour to match their clothes. You can protect your health effectively and look good at the same time. The Frogmask range offers a choice of 5 colours in 3 sizes Medium, Large and XLarge. If you make a mistake, no problem, the exchange is fast and free.

A useful and affordable gift for cyclists

Cycling accessories can be quite expensive, but this is not the case for an anti-pollution mask.An anti-pollution mask costs between 10 and 140 euros depending on the brand, the geographical origin or its filtration quality.

With a price of 39 euros, the Frogmask masks represent an excellent value for money with an origin made in France, a manual manufacture, and quality filters to the FFP2 standard. The pack of 10 filters costs 28 euros, i.e. 2.8 euros per filter, which lasts between 15 days and 3 weeks depending on the frequency of use and the level of pollution. So we are talking about a few cents per day to protect your health.

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